Thursday, 21 June 2012

Why I name my things

The name of my water bottle – VEGAS (its just an abbreviation and you don’t want to know what it stands for)
The name of my bag- Nala
The name of my favorite pen- Brains(I thought it would be funny to say “can you please pass my Brains?” the other person’s expression would be priceless!)
The name of my watch – Miss. Tick
                                  The name of my laptop- Ellie
Not going on anymore but you get the idea: I name my possessions. It was a silly habit I got into and now its become an obsessions. Some say I am mad, some say it is funny, some find it amusing. Whatever the case maybe, in the end I come out looking..well…crazy.  
Why do I name my things?
I don’t have a sure answer but it must be something about me being an author and naming characters is what I do, so that must have exaggerated and I started naming my belongings too. However, very recently I stumbled on a more satisfactory answer.
   There are times when I go through a “phase” where the world has become super glorified yet it has left me very lonely; times when I swim and sink in the blues. No amount of consoling works though my friends try hard. These are the times when the everyday things I name come alive. They become my consolers, my companions, my best buddies. All I have to do is think about them as real and I am all right.
No, I am NOT mad. I think writers/authors shift between reality and imagination now and then. This keeps them sane. (right?)
Maybe or maybe not its right, this kind of escape , but I have always been able to string myself between the worlds and I find my way back into both fine.
Conclusion- I am not mad. I do crazy things yes, but that is what makes me me, and I know that the me isn’t all that bad. I am awesome in my own way. When I name my things I do I because I find it fun and what’s wrong in having some fun right?

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  1. I have nothing to disgaree here..:P

  2. Now after reading this piece, I would want to know what VEGAS stands for ? :D

    Can I borrow your "Brains"?

  3. you are not allowed to laugh. It stands for Vetapalli Ennanamuthu Gopalakrishna Acharya Swamy. :) Sure why not?? Im positive Brains would love to meet someone who can wield a pen so well:)


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