Wednesday, 26 March 2014

3 days of fortune

23, 24 and 25 have been amazing days for me. There was works that was completed, delightful surprises and some amazing incidents.
23rd March, 2014 – this also happens to be my Dad’s birthday – It was a Sunday and yet I was up at 5 and on my way to LalBagh Botonical Park to take some pictures. On entering the park I find so many photographers there with all this cool gear which was really awesome!


           This is the awesome owl picture I photograph! Tell me he looks adorable!

This was a totally ominous picture I clicked. The birds are crows.

The composition of this picture made me fall in love with that shade of blue! This is currently my PC background picture.

I’m going to give you one more for luck!

This very cute pup!

Later on in the day I got all my college reports done, I completed the short film I was making and baked a cake.

24th March, 2014 – I had got a mail from this amazing photograph who had sent me this picture he had photographed which fitted right in for the lines in one of my literary works. I’m not sharing the picture as I didn’t ask for his permission.
And I got some really kind reviews on my short film.
And I signed up to be a Scribe!

25th March, 2014 – This was an absolutely amazing day! We visited this non-profit NGO that works to provide services for the senior citizens. The NGO was called Nightingales Sandhya Kirana where the elders(above the age of 60) who belonged to lower income group were trained in soft skills and given small employment opportunities. At the place, we met the old ladies who were making paper bags. We helped them make some and spoke to them. It made me realize that life is not so simple as we think it and it is so hard for some to be happy. At the age of 60+ losing their sons to death- it doesn’t get harder than that. I hope I made them smile for the day!
As their work revolved around making paper bags the co-ordinator assigned us a task to go around the area and collect old newspaper from houses. Let me tell you, men are so much kinder than women! The first house we went to, the lady didn’t give me a single smile when I thanked her over and over for contributing! The men were so helpful! There two men who saw us going around the place offered to carry the heavy papers half way! And the other one, a owner of a store, forced his neighbor store friend to give away his papers too! I’m not saying all the women we encountered were Ms. Grouchy. This one lady was super helpful!
Paper bags isn’t the only thing that they make at the organization. They make candles too and I bought this simple one!

I just hope Lady Fortune blows her wind to everyone out there who deserves it!

Have you had a perfect day!? Tell me about it!


  1. My favorite pictures are the owl and the puppy. I love all of the pictures. :)

  2. The owl was is special picture! Thank you for dropping by, Emily!


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