Sunday, 15 September 2013

Manisha's Alphabet - A

There used to be something of this sort on the website I am on for young writers. We start with the first alphabet, choose a word starting with the alphabet and jot down thoughts on that word. I decided to give it a try here.
Week one. Alphabet ‘A’.
What word to pick?
Hmm..Greek goddess, Aphrodite?
On my friend’s suggestion it’s going to be ‘Ambition’.

Oxford Dictionary describes ambition as-
n. a strong desire to do or achieve something.
    The very first thing to establish here is to not confuse the difference between goal and ambition.
Where goal is an aim, ambition is a desire.
An ambition can be a goal, but a goal doesn’t have to be an ambition.
We have many goals in life, likewise for ambitions but somehow ambitions have a stronger effect on us.
Mahatma Gandhi had the ambition to drive the British away from the country, and he set goals around it, such as launching Quit India Movement. Ambition gives a person a purpose and that alone drives them forward. Every legendary figure has had a vision, and they start out by working towards it. Repeating the common phrase/advice ‘Nothing is achieved without hard work’. It goes without saying that the rule applies to the matter in discussion too. How do you plan to achieve something  without some sweat?  The road to ambition is not easy. It takes a lot of work, effort and some struggle.  Struggle is good, for it means that you are finally breaking the shackles that bind you to get to that dream.
     That said, an ambition has to be with a mission and a vision. They need to have a meaning, some substance to them that will help you and someone else too. Give purpose to your ambition that will become who you are.
In the words of my friend-
“It’s(ambition) something which doesn’t define who you are but makes what you are.”
In conclusion, have strong ambitions and let that drive you to great accomplishments.
Have a different take on ambition? Let me know.
Have an ambition to share? Please do. :)


  1. It's a really good write,I must say! :D I think you've done justice to the word! :) I wholly agree with your statement that an ambition has to be with a mission and a vision! All in all,a fine piece of writing!:) And thanks very much for taking up my suggestion! :D

  2. thats an interesting lesson...

  3. If I were ambitious or anything near to it I would have loved to share my take :-P


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