Saturday, 12 October 2013

Manisha's Alphabet -B

The thing that comes in color, shapes and sizes. That thing children love.  That begins with the letter B.
We all love balloons right? I’m 18 and I still lighten up at the sight of one on the street.
Balloons were a happy part of childhood. We all have good memories about them; having a race as to who could blow more balloons, the water balloon fights, the helium filled ones that stay up in the air .
 It is only fair letter B talks about balloons.
Not going into full details on the history of balloons -
The first rubber balloons were made by Professor Michael Faraday way back in 1824.
Toy balloons were first introduced by pioneer rubber manufacturer Thomas Hancock. (We know now whom to thank for all the balloons)


Did you know that for years, a balloon was used for the majority of sounds you hear in cartoons?
This is something I picked up while watching one of the Phineas and Ferb episode. Do not quote me on this. However, I found it very interesting-


When you suck in the helium gas from a helium balloon your voice changes its pitch.

Note:If you are going to try this do not suck in more than few times. I read you get dizzy if you continue doing it.

There was this trick my dad thought me when I was young.
He used to take a blown up balloon and stick two stripes of cello-tape one over the other on the balloon. He then used to take a pin and pierce the balloon through the tape. The balloon doesn’t burst for few seconds. It looked like magic to me then though now I know the science behind it.

I used to make these for my brother.
You cut wide a balloon and stretch it over tin or can. Hold it in place by tying a band around it. It is a fun tool to make sounds with!

There are many more creative things you can do with balloons. Visit 32 Unexpected things to do with Balloons.

In the words of one of my friends- “Balloons are happy.”

On that note, until next time!

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