Thursday, 10 October 2013

Kudrat Ki Khamoshi

Dawn holds her broom and starts to sweep the darkness off giving way to a well-rested day light looking fresh in his mild attire.  Children of nature rise to greet the advent of day as the sun rises in this part of the world leaving the other half in sleep.
      Hours will roll by, some rushing into the other, few crawling slowly seemingly not wanting to meet the next one.  After the gentle touch of morning light, the sunshine turns to brilliance. Seated above our heads, like a king ruling over his people, he, the sun, unleashes his full light for the day on the world.
         Even the mighty sun has to follow the flow of nature and in time, he starts to descend gradually into evening.
             A deep red orange blush spread in the evening sky, giving the onlooker a feeling of an aurora stuck in time. Like a day’s memories, stripes of pale blue remain. Mixing in the dusk light but soon to be erased with the brush of night. The hue of twilight coats human buildings and trees like how the soft flush of a candle flame does on the objects within its circle. Soon the colors will roll into a grey shadow, taken over by the onset of night.
 Lightning flashes across the sky as if to challenge the darkness that has taken over. Soon a thunderclap resounds in the sky. The voice of nature. And in the next phase the skies break cascading the rains on us, drenching all that it can touch.
   Nothing about Nature is constant, everything about her is always shifting and changing but yet in all the movements there is in her a stillness. A hush that surrounds her amidst the uproars.  It is a silence only a soul that has come to love her can hear. The quiescence resonating in the heart and mind.
Kudrath Ki Khamoshi- The stillness of nature.

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