Tuesday, 8 April 2014

#8Napowrimo: Bhim

Fury clouds my vision
as I see him grab her saree folds
her screams of outrage are lost on them
who look on in silent horror.
I struggle and yell
Let me help my Lady!

Borther’s stare holds me in place
we are bound by our own folly.
Oh brothers, what have we done?
Our Queen is being stripped of her modesty. 

Her pleading eyes turn to us
Save me Bhim, they say.
What Dharma are we upholding?
Salves that cannot move to even
protect a women’s dignity?

In an final attempt to defend herself
on seeing the hungry look in Dushasana’s
she throws her hands out and
calls to her Lord Vasudev.

What happens next is a miracle
A magic by the gods.
Her saree becomes infinite.
Even as her enemies try harder
the cloth covers its mistress.

I see the anger in her stare.
What injustice has been done!
I will avenge thee my Queen
Until then I will rest not.

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