Wednesday, 9 April 2014

#9NapoWriMo: Doodles

Happy Birthday, little sister!

I love doodling! I do in class, when I'm bored, when I'm not bored!

Doodles and image by Manisha Mahalingam

We are found in the margins
All over some books
Creativity that seeped from boredom
We are mind’s creations.

Sometimes we are just squiggles
And in hands of expert we are art
But we are there anyway
Friends in times of dull.

Teachers don’t like us
We are untidy in ways.
Yet that doesn’t stop us,
We continue to be found.

We could be little funny men
Or flowers and hearts
Sometimes too contemporary
That even the artist doesn’t understand.

Our aim is really nothing
Yet our existence is loved.
Because, what will you really do
If not for us, your best friend, doodles?

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