Friday, 28 November 2014

Percy Jackson. The multi dollar character.

A month back I finished the last Percy Jackson book in the Heroes of Olympus series – The Blood of Olympus- Ever since that I’ve been missing the cocky, funny, brave boy. What do you do when you miss a character? You read the books again. So I went back to book one in the Percy Jackson Series and I’m already on book two. Rereading books is not strictly productive, but my! Rick Riordan knows to write a good story.
Percy as a person is great. He is a mixture of everything you would like to read in a character. Being a demi-god, a son of Poseidon, he has a kick ass personality. 
10 things you learn from Percy.

1.       You could be born with all the powers in the world, but it takes courage to make full use of those powers. 

2.       You cannot always be a hero. Sometimes, it is right to step aside. 

3.       Believe in your principles. 

4.       Stand up for your friends. See the strength in them too. 

5.       Find a girl like Annabeth XD

Annabeth who initially dislikes Percy because he is son of the Sea God and Poseidon isn’t exactly on good terms with Athena, learns to team up with Percy and to look beyond the tainted relation their parents share.

6.       Family is important.

7.       The monsters are going to keep coming. Don’t accept defeat. 

8.       Stay funny.

9.       Being impulsive is okay sometimes as long you know it isn't going to affect anyone else. 

 10 .   Finally, the lesson all super heroes teach.
With great powers come great responsibilities. (Spider-man should have patented this)

 Have you read Percy Jackson?


  1. Not a fan of fantasy but I loved this post! <3

  2. I have read the first five books in this series, but I have yet to start the second series myself! But yes, I would agree with all of these! Loving the stay funny and the ones about friends and family <3 Couldn't agree with them more. Oh, and rereading is fun!

    1. You must try the Blood of Olympus!
      Oh yes, it is :)

  3. Fantastic post, I haven't read these but have heard wonderful things.

  4. great post! I havent read it , but i like the movies :)
    great blog, check out mine too :)
    maybe we can inspire eachother :)


    1. Hiya!
      Percy Jackson books are a lot more fun!

      Thanks. And I will!

  5. This post makes me want to reread the PJO series again. Haha,nice post Manisha :)

    1. I actually reread them last December! They are books that make you happy :)


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