Monday, 1 April 2013

#1 .Warrior, Friend not Foe

Day one of NaPoWriMo! let me tell you today wasn't easy. I've been trying to come up with a poem from morning and was finally able to get one out. Hope its good and deserves to the First one of April.
you might find the irony, taking about death on day one. :) 

His bass breath, his lethal lure
his silky smile all combined
make him a formidable foe.
He is the last you will see
the last you will meet once
he makes you his.

 Nor his he fearsome or terrible
but gentle mild and calm.
He will say he loves you much
and you will trust or believe then,
at that point of pain or serenity
he will seem like the only way.

The others will blame him,
find him wrong for what he did to you.
You will know once the rides started
he is your warrior, he is your knight.

 So what if he makes you leave things behind
he does it for your good.
now your rid of evils of all kinds
new,  pure and pristine.

Love him like you would love no one
he is no enemy or foe
he is your lover, escort and friend
he, Death, never means harm.


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  1. Interesting! I really enjoyed your pacing and language. A charming stance on death.


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