Thursday, 4 April 2013

#4. On the way to the Gallows

NaPoWriMo april 4th poem1

To the gallows you walk
and you have no time.
What are the last thoughts you think?
Or are they the first of the kind?
 Is it about the mother you never saw?
Or the disregarded wife in your life.
Maybe it is about the kid you hated
the child who shred your blood but
who wished he didn’t every time you
aimed a slap or a cruel shout.

It is just a five minute walk to your death
and you haven’t given much choice
you spent the last few days in a daze
thinking of no thing or body.

You could pray to God to pardon
and pity your end, but you did take a
life, from a man who deserved not.
that leaves you here, unloved and blamed,
you really can’t change matters now
what you did is now blood on your hands.           

Perhaps you should say few
words for them- your mother, wife and child.
They were the ones who would
have loved you if you had been a
better man.

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