Wednesday, 3 April 2013

#3.I can read your soul.

towards NaPoWriMo

If only I could see through
the soul of everyman, I would
be rich, wealthy from all the secrets
I would find.
I would know all the hush –hushes,
the tales and stories of life that need
to be hidden from mankind for the good
of man kind.
But I would know and that would
make me invincible, stronger
than any type. I will be able to see
through you and no longer will I
be blind.
The facts and lies will find their
places and no longer can they hide,
 for you see, slowly and brutally,
all the cloak-and-dagger
 I’ll unwind.
So my friend, beware. I am rich
from all that I see. You soul is
no longer your safe house for
I’m the thief you can not stop.
Much you try, it is fruitless for
nothing from me, about you,
 is confined.

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