Monday, 8 April 2013

#8. Wishing Stars.

Eyes wide staring up,
at night sky and moon lights
waiting for the wishing star to pass by.
Fingers crossed, looking out
hoping a wish would change the world
make the workings of your life right.

You want to wish for the times to change,
to make everything easy and plain.
Hoping for the pain to vanish,
 the troubles to abate, to have life the easy way.

There is something you need to know,
the lesson you will learn soon at some time.
The wishing stars won’t come by
if you hope to reverse the world,
keep your eyes wide
waiting for the wishing stars to pass by
they are just there so that you keep
your fingers crossed and continue to fight.


  1. The last verse is searing through my heart :) I can't get enough of your poems!

  2. Poems have a way of getting to people(even when the writer is not all that good at it!) Aw, thank you :D


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