Tuesday, 9 April 2013

#9. The Road Trip

This road trip I’m on seems to
go on and on, the way seems to grow
so slow and long. But when, when
will my dreams fly high? When they
meet me, the creator off it all?

The rain patters my windshield,
splashing the reads clean, I soon
lose my way in the damp and wet
but the cold cools me off and now
I know the torment is all right.

People and trees pass my road not
looking to see this girl on her ride.
Hey! That is all fine for I know
back home I have many people’s love.

The sign boards read false
and I take the wrong turns,
as I have my map as guide
I find my way and I’m back
on the ride.

The way is too long and I am
tiring out. When? Oh when
will I see my dreams fly high
when they meet me the creator
of them all.

The dust is in my eye, the wind
in my hair, the sun shining down
the rides gotta be good. So far
I’ve healed my wounds and wore my
The road trip I am on seems to go on and on
but hey! I’m alright. The dreams are
bound to meet me afterall.

1 comment:

  1. hi Manisha... what a beautiful composition!... some lines speak for your detailed observation of life, like "People and trees pass my road not
    looking to see this girl on her ride".... I'm sad to find that you didn't post anything for napowrimo 2013 after 9th april... Hope you get back to it... Cheers :-)


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