Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Life Reflected

I shifted the weight of the fruit from one palm to the other, my finger tracing the fine white lines that ran creatively over the pale yellow-green satin like skin of the gooseberry. I brought it closer to my mouth, my teeth easily sinking into the crisp flesh. My eyes immediately squeezed shut as the bitter –sour taste of the gooseberry coated my tongue. I quickly chewed the fruit down, my face pulling into all expressions; I grabbed a mug of water taking a small sip. I swooshed the water in my mouth, thoroughly enjoying the sweet taste it brought. I devoured the rest of the fruit ending each bite with a sip of water which “magically” turned sweet in my mouth.
                           That is when my philosophical mind kicked in. That is when I realized as to how much a gooseberry resembled life. It was an outstanding example for the one universal truth of existence- the beauties of life come only after you have stepped over a hurdle. You relish the sweetness only after a dose of intense bitterness.
      A gooseberry contains 20% more of vitamin than an orange does. A gooseberry is the easiest solutions for many body related problems. It is one fruit that comes with numerous benefits. Applying the same formula to life, adversities do after all bring benefits.
 Quoting Shakespeare - “sweet are the uses of adversities”.
                 How much finesse our creator had in his creations, filtering life’s lessons even in his smallest of creations. Its like it is said, our world is an open book from which we can keep learning. So look out and grab that knowledge before you miss it. Life is reflected everywhere.
    Now that I got the point across what say we make gooseberry the king of all fruits?
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