Saturday, 28 May 2016

Of escapism.

Copyrights belong to Audi Photography

When you are dangling from the edge, just about to tip over the ledge, what do you do to escape? Do you close your eyes and hope for the danger to pass? Or do you give yourself something to distract until help arrives?
Very so often, I’ve realized, when I’m thrown into a bad place, I seek escape through distraction. And talking to my best friend I found out we both have a similar choice of escapism.
 A book. Not a profound book. Not a classic novel. Just a book with a light story, with happiness and jokes, with silly problems and dramatic solutions. A book like Princess Diaries or the Mediator series in my case. Meg Cabot, really.
Others binge watch movies or TV shows. Escaping into another world. Just for a few hours each day, for that very much needed breathing space.
And then I ask. Is escapism good? Is it the way we survive? Our coping mechanism? Our way of looking after ourselves when we no longer can put up with reality and need some time off this world. I don’t know. But it makes me happy. It makes me light. It calms me down. In the end that is what should matter, right? What should it be: escaping or standing your ground and taking all the unnecessary hits? I’d rather escape so I can come back and stand my ground and swing back at the hits. Don't you agree?

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