Friday, 29 March 2013


A day more and NaPoWriMo will be in full zoom. I can't wait for April to begin (it being my favorite month of the year).
30 days 30 poetry, that is a challenge!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Oh So Colourful!


Colourful things attract us, however color blind we might be we are fascinated by glittery, shiny or colorful things. We cannot really blame ourselves. It happens to be in the genes of every living creature(unless its blind or a bat). Flies are drawn to light, bees adore bright petals  and humans, well, we like a lot of things.

We are all endowed with a lesson by our elders that the more attractive something is it is probably not good for us. Nature is a source of endless lessons(if I haven’t mentioned that before) and She never stops teaching us. She too has her own way of letting us know “all that glitters is not gold”.

   Let us consider a normal backyard frog and the Poison Arrow frog . We know which one is the lethal one or which one is the most attractive (if you don’t it’s the Poison Arrow Frog). That’s Nature telling us, in bold letters,  “Do not go behind attractive things!”

Amanita muscaria, the pretty red and white mushrooms that we are all so found of drawing. They are poisonous too.  Or the many deadly orchids whose colours we can’t get enough of.  

Basically (even when this blog post is rather weak), what I’m trying to tell here is(other than the obvious “all that glitters is not gold”) there is no better teacher than nature. She is not going to bundle you up and keep you protected but she will teach you the most valuable lessons for life. She has the most beautiful things written in her every creation, all you gotta do is read them.


“says Mother Nature,”when daylight’s shining
Nothing other than me shows.
At night when I’m hidden the sky displays
The Eternal World’s resplendent writing”
-          Tagore


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