Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Lady Who sang her Lullaby

The earth has gone  around
the night has swayed by
somewhere the sun shines
blind to our eyes. The hills
seem to rise higher in
the dark, casting upon us
its unseen shadows. The river
continues to flow by, unable
to stop its black waters rustling
in the soundless night.

Even before our heads touched
The ground her melody flowed
through the night. The lady who
sang her lullaby. Her sereneness
seem to blanket the night, her
music honey to ears. The world
seem to rock us in its cradle
caressing us with its love. It
was a angel’s voice the sang
as she sung her lullaby.

Her song read the whole world
the meaning of life.
her name was Night.
She made the wind to a singing
breeze, the rustling leaves her harp.
the owl our guardian
the bat her warrior,
she sings all night until she takes
a deep breath and the darkness
disappears in a streak of light.

But she will return every night
singing her lullaby.
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