Sunday, 10 May 2015

In a World of Stories

We live in a world of stories. Our walking life is dominated by it. Our thoughts and memories are stories. Our words are part of a story. Music, dance is story. Sans stories there is no movies, no television series, no Sherlock or Game of Thrones. It is a boring world, where one can only speak in clauses, where there is nothing to keep our mind occupied and no form of art to mesmerise us.

Story is oxygen of sorts. It continues us, it gives us writers something to live for (imagine a world without stories!). Stories feed and form this world; it gives it history, it gives it a future. If not for stories we would not know Alexander the Great or why the Great Wall of China was built. Or even how Earth was formed! Mysteries would be the way of life and it won’t even be fun. Entertainment will be non-existent, there will be no sanctuary called library. No nerds, no book worms, and maybe no exams too!
Yeah, life will be worth living. Sure.

So here is to stories. To the story writers who pour their blood and soul into their words. To those artists who depend on stories. To the men of Stone Age who thought of putting their stories on cave walls. To the first man/woman/child/(or maybe Lucy?) who started this tradition of stories.  Thank you.

How do you think the world would be without stories?

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Sunday, 3 May 2015


Hi people who I hope still read my blog.

Look at me, coming after a month after announcing I'm going to be doing NaPoWriMo. It turned out, I couldn't do it. It was due to part laziness, part busy schedule. I had my exams, other writings, and internships. I really shouldn't be giving excuses, I broke a tradition of three years! Ah.

I thought I'll leave an update of sorts. And(hopefully)
not take another hiatus. 

What have I been doing lately?
I currently started my internship at this awesome newspaper house. I've been wanting to intern here for some years now, so this is a happy felling XD
 Today is World Laughter Day, by the way. So, laugh out all you can.

I've been reading a lot (need to start striking out books in of the reading challenge) April has been a month of great books! I discovered Pandora by Jilly Cooper, Michael Crichton, Kiss of Deception(this really nice book), Ruskin Bond. also visited a art gallery and saw some of the works by my favorite Indian artists. It is an otherworldly feeling when you see a work by someone so talented and has created masterpieces.

I've lately been seized by an overwhelming urge to paint. Though every time I take out my drawing book I cannot go further than a few lines. Meh.

Hopefully May is more productive. And I start making my usual kind of blog posts.

Until then :P
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