Monday, 29 April 2013

#30. To an Enigma

The last day of April and NaPoWriMo! It was been a beautiful journey as ever with 30 poems in 30 days. It is only right for my last poem towards NaPoWriMo be dedicated to the man who inspires me through his words. For my unseen teacher- Rabindranath Tagore

“those prose translations from Rabindranath Tagore have stirred my blood as nothing as for years” – W.B. Yeats
I see you looking at me
through the grey canvas
a smile on your lips
 lingering in a stillness,
caught years ago yet not
having lost its magic.
It is your gaze that leaves me dazed
the glow in them
sated with untold stories
the power of your words
reflecting in the glassy coat of your eyes.
Your jottings bring tears
born not from sorrow
but rather the feeling of life
that flows endlessly in your ink.
My teacher, my guide
my heart is besieged
daunted by your charm
through words penned by your hand.
If only I could reach you
through worlds that keep you far
to feel your presence in my cells
then knowing for sure you were true
that I love a enigma who was real.

#29. Without my mind wanting not

I write pages of words said,
each telling a story done and
looking around I see the world once gone.

I can walk miles thinking of good times,
 I can live forever in things of sometime.
I hold on to what was already held.
I can feel the pain and happiness already felt.

Reality reversed I'm stranded in past,
 seeking refuge from the sharpness of now.
Stuck in the fourth dimension
with no map to guide back;
putting me in a place whose name
 I need to find fast
but I know no help can help
with my mind wanting not.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

#28. Your Music.

Each note better than the other
The song flowed incessantly
Giving me no time to catch my breath
My emotions caught in a swirl.

Your eyes were closed
Lost in a reverie,
Your skilled fingers moving commandingly
Over the ivory keys
Leaving behind a trail of spell.

If anything could leave me breathless
It was your music
Woven from the depth of your soul
Each strand circling mine
Cloaking me in a dream
only magicians are capable of.

If only your voice lingered forever
No time will go without feeling alive
Existence made real everyday
Your notes becoming elixir of life.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

#27. Juliet

Night and day I try
to see ,
to find,
the sense of life.
In a big bang it all
came to me
when I met those eyes.

Let me been the light
at the end of your cave,
let me be the fireflies
on your every night.

Destiny wrote a different
script, where two can
never be one.
Now I wish I wasn’t Romeo
to not be a fighter at all.
Maybe then I would have
a fairytale with no magic
yet making it seem miracles too
took part.

Juliet of my stories
letters to you I write-
No mountains crossed
no rivers bridged
will take me to your land,
Juliet that you are
our life cannot be together this time.

Let me been the light
at the end of your cave,
let me be the fireflies
on your every night…
Where ever you are.

Friday, 26 April 2013

#26. Life Art

The brush sweeps the canvas
Leaving behind a trail of yellow
The color of first breath of life.
Green takes over, sketching
delicate lines, conveying
that every new life
starts with innocence
 fresh as the hue.
Even the oil in the paint
perfumes the art
everything to a newly start.

There are no rainbows
no glitter
thus forming a base
 for something bigger.
There are splashes of black
just so to not make
it too bright,
 everything is balanced
In this mosaic of colors.

He isn’t an artist
but he paints what is right,
right for you,
right for the world,
right for him.

Every few minute life changes,
the brush and painter are back
with new shades, tone and details.
the painting of life is a master piece
only when it’s always changed
 to resemble you and what you are.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

#25. Knight in shining armor.

‘Nobody’, you said
‘nobody will hurt you
when I am here’
I watched you stand your ground
at the entrance of
our castle of pillows, armed
with a stolen stick
from the garden floor.
My knight in shining armor
ready  to fight monsters
 or just mothers who wanted to
end our fantasy game.
Soon we dozed together
under the canopy of blankets
lost in our childhood
and the innocence of it all.

Today I see you stand
at my wedding, my best man
with the same grin I knew
the one you always had.

We had then run on empty streets
chasing  unseen giants,
Then we had run together
After time itself.
Now I see you
handsome, tall and smart
always my knight in shining armor
my best friend otherwise.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

#24. Whispers of night

Sounding like
 a silent sing-along
the music swelled far
reaching ears the
stood still,
 not scarred
by  city voice.

Whisper of night
tune forlorn
yet song enough
to cradle souls
carrying them
to tranquility.

Hush hush …
all is right..
on this night
inside you
find the light…

The words
 casting a stupor
So slowly..
 so lightly….
 whispers of night.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Take my hand
and we shall
no distance seeming
near no time
being long.
It is where the
sky meets land
both embracing
each other in
an illusion
to human mind.

There I want to
show you
no space is infinite.
You can see the sky
holding onto
his love
barely reaching over
yet in a eternal hug.

Then will you see
it come true
a testimony to love.
Two souls forever
in a place we simply call
horizon, a illusion to human mind.

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