Wednesday, 30 April 2014

#30NaPoWriMo:To Fly

April comes to an end today. It’s been a great NaPoWriMo month! This year marks my hat-trick in it. :D
I decided to go with the official website for NaPoWriMo’s prompt and write a farewell poem.

 image does not belong to me

Do you hear the call, the cry?
The voice in my head telling me
to fly?

The chains were broken
so much was released,
things were learnt,
things were done.

Now the call is here, the cry,
the voice in my head telling me
to fly.
I’ve conquered this land
for this time;
good things always end;
for now,
good bye.

Congratulations to all who completed NaPoWriMo successfuly! The others, there is always another year.



#29NaPoWriMo: An ode to Her

If you had stuck with me for this year’s NaPoWriMo you probably noticed my poems were inspired by Nature. This is one more poem in honor of her.

This world is a complex ball
and living in it is the hardest of all.
When things get crazy
drop everything for a moment
and  run,
run far away from it
and jump into her open arms.
The worry is there
the fight must still go on
but for a few minutes
time stands still so
that you can take a deep breath
and she can calm you down.
You don’t believe me?
Sounds unreal, doesn’t it?
Which is why you should try it once.

#28NaPoWriMo: Admist all the darkness

The world should know
there is a darkness
that resides in every soul.
One can shine anyway
and be the star they started
out to be.
Light looks brightest
when you know what
darkness looks like.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

#27NaPoWriMo: Bad things happen in slow motion

Bad things happen in slow motion
so that human mind can grasp
its significance.
Was that why the enemy warrior's
stare stretched forever?
The smile came later when
he realized he was winning.
The pain came even later
but the most longest was
his clear blue eyes
reflecting the face of its prey
one last time before ending it all.

#26NaPoWriMo: Haiku


                                                             image does not belong to me

There is a tangible magic
In the big world that we live
Just look into the mirror.

#25NaPoWriMo: Tales

 image does not belong to me

Like the voice you listen to
 on the radio everyday,
the sounds, faceless,
yet familiar echo in
space, whispering
stories and secrets.

The stories and secrets
rain down upon us,
sometimes in the sunlight
or in the form of rain.

The stories and secrets
are caught on Earth
and told in form of Tales.
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