Thursday, 2 March 2017

Photo a Day Month 2017

Accomplished what I thought would be impossible this year. 30 pictures in the month of February. I think it went relatively well. 
Photo a Day Month 2017- 30/30

 Hoot Hoot


 Temple structures

 Holy fire


 Pastures of green.

 Keep Calm and Bliss

 Cacti Spread

 Not in a park

 Shaniwar wada (fort)

 A walk

 Tunnels with forgotten stories

 Shaniwar wada


 At work

 Ganeshas on swings

 Chocolate on Toast


 The Taj, Mumbai

 Gateway of India, Mumbai





 History drenched in dusk

  Decoding the grape


 Rainbow diluted in eyes


Evening silhouettes.
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