Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Every time I pass the Gunasheela Nursing Home (a surgery and maternity hospital) I always have one thought- so much happiness, so much sadness. I always try to peep, my eyes scanning the visible lobby, maybe hoping to see a little baby cuddled in the hands of a beaming mother, with an equally proud father standing nearby.
              The 7 year old me always found babies to be cute little things I could play with, however as I grew up the present me sees babies as a miracle, a metaphor for new life, an example for the magic bestowed upon womanhood.
                    The hospital was one like many out there- a shelter to the many new lives that came into the world. But what was that made me have the same thought almost every day?
    The immense joy and complete bliss filled with invincible love which shone in the mothers eye, the shrill cry of a baby, re-instilling in you the joy of life. This was what made me want to look, this is what brought a smile on my face every time I looked at a baby.
   But there was the sadness to- the death. The loss of one’s child or the loss of the mother. It brought inevitable tears, pain to the heart, making you have just the opposite emotion- feeling of loss
A hospital represents the way of life in so many ways. There is a constant motion the world is always set into. The never ending cycle of life and death. Tears will dry over time, the pain diminished, but there’s no need to lose hope for you see with every  death there is a life.
Next time you see a baby don’t just look at it as another life, but a marvel, a magic you were once yourself. Lets  live up to that magic we were all made from..
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