Friday, 4 December 2015

Randezvous with Watercolors

I've been playing around with watercolors lately and I've discovered they are "my" sort of paints. There is such color, beauty, simplicity in them. So very very different a experience from poster or oil. I'm not going to assume I'm a great painter or anything. I've amateur at the least, so please ignore the glaring mistakes. Or better, point them out so I know what I'm doing wrong. 
I should also mention, the paintings are recreations so all credits to the original. Thank you for the inspiration :)
The very first. Also discovering the kind of paper to use.

Still learning

Kinda getting there I think
Latest one.

 I've given most of these to friends as they are recreations. I'm going to put my effort into the creation process and work on some originals this December holidays. Watercolors have become an addiction of sorts.

 Oh, this one is poster paints. Toothless for a friend on her birthday!

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