I am is a student, writer and blogger. I am a crazy soul born in the month where summer meets mango showers i.e April. 

I was first published in In Rain We Met, an anthology by Cypher Publishers in 2015. My poems appear in The Pursuit which is available here.  2016 saw Anthology Unmasked and a Bangladeshi journal Six Seasons Review, Vol 4. My work also appears in Write India's anthology Born Too Soon.

I hope to get my novel published soon, and maybe someday write a legal thriller that will win me a writer’s award. 

This blog is my niche in the world where I let off steam against the world's workings, let the philosophical juices flow, chronicle my poems, record photography and everything in between.

I believe tradition is the greatest hand me downs one can get.
I'm a law student. 
I love Nature.
I'm always curious. 
Young Writers Society, a site for young writers is my second home.
Stay curious (I know it killed the cat. No one said humans. So you are good to go). 
Believe in magic. I mean, why would you not?
Be an opportunist!

You can reach me at manishamahalingam3@gmail.com

Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.

P.S Thank you for dropping by!

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