Saturday, 26 July 2014

Trees are special.

Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.Hermann Hesse, Bäume. Betrachtungen und Gedichte

Trees give an aura of wisdom, of great age, and immense strength. If we stop to think about it, each one of us has a special tree in our lives. An immovable object that has marked a place in our memory.
  Grandmother always told me to be like a coconut tree. She had this chorus that she used to recite every time. It told me to be useful and make every part of me useful. It said live in co-existence to find harmony.  Every coconut tree comes with the message – Serve your purpose wholly.
 There are trees that have a mighty base, its truck growing to reaching heights, its boughs branching out as far as it can. Like a human soul with ambitions, his hands stretched towards the sky, his fingers wanting to touch the dreams. When the winds blow hard, even this grand tree bends to the wind.  The trees are saying – look at me, how strong and lone I stand, yet I bend to this wind. I do so lest it breaks me. There are certain happenings in life we cannot ascertain. It comes as a sudden tidal wave, trying hard to carry us away. At times like this, instead of holding your feet and letting the wave break us we must lean in a bit to let the waters pass us without leaving much damage behind.
A tree leaves its marks behind. Each ring on the inside tells a tale of its existence, the meaning of those years it has stood tall – sapling to this. Our lives must be of some significance. Mankind loses much in this race of life that he doesn’t pause to see if his years, his life, is leaving behind a mark to tell his story.
Trees teach us calm. There are times when I hug a tree tight, my ears pressed against its bark, my fingers against its texture, my eyes shut but feeling on my closed lids the light patterns it creates through its leaves. When I hold a tree close, I feel all anxiety leave me. The force inside the tree is telling me to keep going on.  It holds a certain silence inside its form, telling us that we must find the silence within us too.
A tree’s leaves never stop rustling as long as the wind continues to do its job. Maybe the tree is telling us that as long as the world continues to do its job we must do ours.
But the greatest lesson perhaps is this. More magnificent a tree is the more sure you can be that its roots stretch far below the earth. We must have our roots sunk deep into Mother Earth. She, the preserver of life, the  If we intend to grow, we need to breathe in Mother Earth. We need to earn Nature’s love. Just as how a tree no matter how old and weak it is continues to live on with just the support of the mud below it, Earth promises to take care of us if we are in close association with her.
sustainer, the nourishing one.
Trees are like spirits. They talk, teach, and open up a magical world. They are speakers of Nature’s life lessons.  To have a tress as a mentor, parent, friend guarantees that you have a divine strength leading you on.  
Do you have a special tree?

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Internship can be fun.

It has been a while since I last blogged. Internship, writing and other such things have kept me away. I thought I’ll leave something of an update.
This month I started my internship and I think it is a great experience. It shows you the real way things are done and you realize not everything is as orderly as it is so inside an educational institution. I knew this but it hit me rather hard on Day 1 of internship. I felt overwhelmed and slightly scared about how my future would be as a lawyer. However, I’m glad I felt that because fear is a strong motivator and I tried to channel that fear into something more positive. Now, I feel…stronger? Much more confident and determined. I love that thing about fear. It gives you two options. You either let it push you down for the rest of your life or you use it as an asset.
 Internship also opened up some interesting things. I get to see the kind of people I wouldn’t otherwise. The kind you read on paper or in books. That reminds me of this case I read.
There is this particular lady, let us call her Jess, who claims to be a kleptomaniac (the urge to steal). This nice person stole diamond and gold jewelry from a friend and kept it a secret until she wisely donned on the pieces and posted the picture of Facebook. The friend on seeing these pictures put two and two together. Jess was arrested after a complaint was filed. Jess confessed. But the funny part here is not the nature of this case but Jess herself. She is hardly worried about the accusation and the fact she could possibly go to prison. She likes to go on a shopping spree on the day of her court hearing, goes to movies after the hearing, and even told the judge to speed up his pace. Jess is a kleptomaniac who like to steal only jewelry. Convenient, don’t you think?
Yes, this is real.
Apart from these perks, I also get to learn a lot. Studying law makes me feel empowered and gives me the feeling that I can face anything with the power of knowledge of law. I can’t wait to complete these five years of education and step into the world as a lawyer.
That is about it for a brief update.  Also, Sky theaters are amazing.
As well as mocha banana smoothie!  *yum*

Until next time <3

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