Saturday, 24 October 2015


We are the readers,
we are the learners, the teachers,
and the knowledge seekers, we are the readers…
the story collectors, the page turners
we live to read, we read to live
we are the readers.
We are the readers
from dusk through dawn,
 in sleep and yawn,
we are the readers
easy in every chair
we read, we share
we flirt, we dare
we read to move on
to bring a new dawn
to brighten the night with glowing lights
we are the readers
we are the learners, the teachers
we are the readers
we are the readers, for today and forever
yes, we are the readers. 

“We are the readers” is the Kindle Paperwhite ad currently running in India. It is an ad that makes the ardent reader in me pause, watch the entire advertisement, and leaves me smiling each time. It connects with the crazy, slightly obsessed, and a complete book addict that I am.
 We are all readers, the writers, bloggers, and reviewers. We read with no pre conceived expectations, no genre restrains, we read like it is our job, as if the words sustain us. We read in a bubble, a timeless capsule where the world ceases to exist, night or day, through storm and rain, in make believe or simply a stronger reality. We aren’t the “normal” readers, we read everything and never put down a book unfinished, we sit though the struggles and the problems, bad writing and plot twists, mystery and romance, all sort of books out there.
We are the reader, for today and forever.  Agreed?

PS. You can find the video here.
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