Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Little hours..

I, sat or rather sprawled on the
grainy land of a busy shore,
the whiff of salty air scenting the
breeze around, the waves kissing
the golden sand, white froth icing
the saline cocktail.
The shouts and laughs of little broods,
 trying to stand upright and strong,
managing to challenge the rise
 and fall dance of the grand sea.

The chilly sea breeze whipping
my skirt, goosebumps doting
my skin, make me shiver and smile.

The taste of the smell of the Chennai
 samosa coats the tongue, making
me take a bite.The spices in its 
unique blend butter my
mouth, my eyes shutting instinctively
to savor the zing.

I would probably walk back home
after this, but sometimes, sometimes
such little hours in a long day make
the day a better one.

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