Saturday, 26 January 2013

What word describes you??

Watching Eat,Pray,Love again today, I realized how much the movie helped me change when I needed a change. I haven’t read the book, rather unfortunate, but I sure will in the near future.  The movie helped me see that “ruin is good. Ruin is the road to transformation” and with that philosophy I accepted the damage I was groping in and have grown much clearer. I built a whole new refined me from the ruins I once thought were the end of a happier me and today I try to be a pioneer in everything I do.  I learned to appreciate the ruins and use them to build my world on.
             There is always one word that can describe things (as the movie says) and I always wondered what defined me. I’m a writer and I love to write but that alone doesn’t define me. So very recently I found that one particular word that describes the person I am today.
     Nothing exists without creation. We are all created and recreated at many junctions in our life. I was/am created recreated and continue to be created. As a writer I create characters, I make worlds, I fashion emotions, I invent . As a person I create the world I live. As a human I create my opportunities. As a dreamer I create my dreams. As I am I create. From my ruins I created a new me and I continue to create myself as I learn lessons and all other learnable things each day. I learn as a student, I understand as a human and I mould as a potter but in the end I create.
     Maybe at some other phase in my life my word might change. But then again the word changes because I created a different me. So there is my word. Create.

                     What word describes you the most? And why?

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