Friday, 18 July 2014

Internship can be fun.

It has been a while since I last blogged. Internship, writing and other such things have kept me away. I thought I’ll leave something of an update.
This month I started my internship and I think it is a great experience. It shows you the real way things are done and you realize not everything is as orderly as it is so inside an educational institution. I knew this but it hit me rather hard on Day 1 of internship. I felt overwhelmed and slightly scared about how my future would be as a lawyer. However, I’m glad I felt that because fear is a strong motivator and I tried to channel that fear into something more positive. Now, I feel…stronger? Much more confident and determined. I love that thing about fear. It gives you two options. You either let it push you down for the rest of your life or you use it as an asset.
 Internship also opened up some interesting things. I get to see the kind of people I wouldn’t otherwise. The kind you read on paper or in books. That reminds me of this case I read.
There is this particular lady, let us call her Jess, who claims to be a kleptomaniac (the urge to steal). This nice person stole diamond and gold jewelry from a friend and kept it a secret until she wisely donned on the pieces and posted the picture of Facebook. The friend on seeing these pictures put two and two together. Jess was arrested after a complaint was filed. Jess confessed. But the funny part here is not the nature of this case but Jess herself. She is hardly worried about the accusation and the fact she could possibly go to prison. She likes to go on a shopping spree on the day of her court hearing, goes to movies after the hearing, and even told the judge to speed up his pace. Jess is a kleptomaniac who like to steal only jewelry. Convenient, don’t you think?
Yes, this is real.
Apart from these perks, I also get to learn a lot. Studying law makes me feel empowered and gives me the feeling that I can face anything with the power of knowledge of law. I can’t wait to complete these five years of education and step into the world as a lawyer.
That is about it for a brief update.  Also, Sky theaters are amazing.
As well as mocha banana smoothie!  *yum*

Until next time <3

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  1. Wow, that's twisted. o.O It's so nice to see that you are enjoying yourself inspite of all these crazy things, which tells us that you are indeed strong. ;) Keep rocking, gurl! ;) :D

    1. Dreams <3 Thanks for the comment. It has been crazy interesting!

  2. It's great to be able to see what's been going on with you :) I am sure you're doing great at the internship. And yes, they are awesome because they do throw you into the real world, although that may be a little harsh at times. Just know that you're going to end up more experienced by the end of this ;)

  3. Olivia, you awesome person!
    That is very true. It is better to witness the reality than hide behind a safe cover. Thank you so much for your support <3


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