Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Short Review-Paths Of Glory by Jeffery Archer

Paths of Glory by Jeffery Archer. 

If you read Archer and like what you read, Paths of Glory is another book of his you cannot pass.
The book, which is inspired by a true story, follows the journey of George Mallory who loves climbing. This ability to master any great heights leads him on a quest to conquer every great mountain around the world that he wants to scale.
The book’s blur uses perfect words when saying –
Some people have dreams that are so magnificent that if they were to achieve them, their place in history would be guaranteed.”
George Mallory wants to win the hand of the two ladies he loves. One, Ruth, marries him. The other, Mouth Everest, which George refers to as Chomolungma, Goddess Mother of the Earth, kills him. The question that the writer forms the book around is whether Mallory reached the summit of the Everest before his death. There is no witness to vouch for him. However, the last pages of the book will leave you thinking.
      Jeffery Archer’s writing is fast paced and I love the freshness in his voice. It never gets too dragging or boring. He knows how to keep the pages turning. The book has the right mixture of mystery, romance, action, history, and adventure!  I wasn’t aware of George Mallory before I came across this novel so I couldn’t isolate those nitpicks the book has been criticized for.
Overall, I truly enjoyed the book. I would give it a 4/5. 

Also, What do you think of this amazing bookmark my friend made for me?


  1. Getting my copy asap.
    Shall we follow each other? GFC/Bloglovin/G+?
    Leave a comment when you follow and i'll follow you right back.

  2. Aww, I love that bookmark. I saw the movie recently, and oh man. It hit me right in the feels. <3

    This book sounds like 127 hours movie, you know, which had James Franco <3 in it, music by our own A.R.R. Interestingly, the movie was also inspired by a real incident. c:

    I like your short review. <3

    1. The movie is one of my favorites! He was such a great man :(

      127 hours is a great movie, but I think you will enjoy this more!

  3. Sounds interesting!


  4. Fast paced with a fresh voice sounds great. I haven't read anything by him before but should.

  5. Hi Manisha, this sounds like an interesting read! I will definitely try to check it out.


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