Tuesday, 27 January 2015

RIP R K Laxman.

My sketch pen is not a sword, it’s my friend.

R.K.Laxman is a celebrated cartoonist from India. He is best known for his creation The Common Man, for his daily cartoon strip, "You Said It" in The Times of India, which started in 1951. Brother of R.K.Narayan, Laxman has illustrated for the stories in the famed Malgudi days. At the age of 93 he passed away on January 26.

Searching for new ideas is an endless process.

I’ve grown up seeing his cartoons and illustrations. Back when I was a kind, his humor was lost on me. But I loved the concept, his sketch of the “Common Man”. R. K Laxman was a name I’d come to respect when I began to understand his cartoons, his insightful illustrations that revolved around the current world democracy and politics. He made me laugh. He made me think. He was an artist with purpose.

Here are some of his cartoons. 

His famed Common Man. This image has been made into a statue  at Symbiosis Institute, Pune.

[The Common Man] from India can survive without water, food, light, air, shelter!

 After Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscar XD

 On democracy.

 On poverty.
 On the increasing  problem of traffic jams.

 On picketing.

Each morning I grumble, I plan to resign as I drag myself to office. By the time, I come home I like my work!

 On illiterate politicians and the car parking predicament.

The country is going to miss his wit and humor. Times of India will not be the same without his column of "You Said It". RIP, R.K Laxman.

My common man is omnipresent.

Note: images don't belong to me.


  1. Rest in Peace! It's like loosing our childhood. :( All the cartoons and stories... will be remembered.

  2. These are really witty and well drawn! Thanks for sharing his work!

    Bella Pummarola

  3. I haven't heard of this artist before, but looking at the images he seems like he was good at his job, and it's always hard when it is something you have grown up with during your childhood! I admire you posting in his remembrance as well. Thanks for sharing <3


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