Friday, 13 February 2015

#11, 12, 13 : Photo a Day Month

Going with the prompt, Sky

Again, the prompt. It was word and I went with "Times"

Tree rings! For the prompt, patterns. 

I kind of understand now why people follow the prompts on the Photo a Day Month Website. It is more fun trying to find a particular type of picture than just click random pictures.


  1. Did you photographs these yourself?

    They're absoloutely lovely. xxx

    Join my site?

    I've joined yours It would mean so much xx

  2. I do like how you have been working with prompts and pushing yourself for a bit more of a challenge! My favourite of the three would be sky. I have a thing for pictures like that one and the essence you have captured in it is truly beautiful :)

    1. Working with the prompts is proving to be more fun! The sky was a lucky picture. I would have missed the setting sun's rays if I hadn't gone up to the terrace.


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