Sunday, 29 April 2012

Finding a Teacher

We are all in a continuous search of a teacher, a someone who would take our hands and guide us in a channel, which is right for who we really are. Some deny the search, some got lucky, some never comprehend they needed one. I was on the look out to, hoping to find that person who I could trust and learn from.
We create idols, role models. We desire to be like them and it was on this search that I realized I didn’t have to be like any other person but just be me. A new identity, an example of uniqueness. A Teacher is that who makes you see yourself, makes you grasp your individuality.
 At the age of 16 I learnt about Teachers (having reading plentiful books by Paulo Coelho) and soon I began my quest to find one. I tried recklessly, trying very hard to find the “light” in every human I met irrespective of the age. Even before I had realized it, I had found my teacher after all. Not from any two legged creature or anything alive for the matter but in that being we deem as a goddess -  Nature herself.

            She has become my teacher, the one I wanted all the time, teaching me all the way the rights and wrongs of everything I do or think in miraculous way only possible by Her. That is the magnitude of Her magnificence, Her marvel. She helped me transform the world into a scared book which became my bible, my Gita, my holy book. With every going day She always has something to show to me, starting from the simplest creatures She herself hand created. Each day has become a day of learning, and with it I appreciate deeper and deeper - Her immense splendor and glory.
   Teachers can be found easily once we accept our call for one. No words can honestly express how truly gratified I am for having found my Teacher so soon. The quest ends but the learning never will. Time will keep scurrying, along with it, I shall persist discovering until the end of time, honoring her with words such as these for that is all I have.


  1. All the best 4 ur search....

  2. I absolutely had no idea that Paulo Coelho's writings had influenced you so much....I guess,you really loved "By the river Piedra I sat down and wept".. :) And I wish you luck for your quest.. :D

  3. He does have a certain magic on me! and thank you


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