Saturday, 15 March 2014

All Bloggers Great and Small Tag

The amazing Selina Kyle  from Life, love and everything tagged me in the All Bloggers Great and Small Tag. (Though Escaping Through Ink isn't a beauty blog :D)
P.S. Do visit her fun blog!

What makes you want to blog?

My blog is my stage where I can dance out all the crazy thoughts that run in this silly head of mine. And when you love writing, it’s always good to maintain a blog right?
                                               picture is from IronLungs: Dedicated To The Lovers of Hip-Hop

Your morning skin routine.

Hmm. I wash my face with warm water and rinse with cold as I was told it keeps the skin healthy. Other than than, not much.

Your favorite Blogger.

Some of the blogs I follow are really great! I used to follow Joseph Eastwood's blog and Anunoy's Bla Bla and Some CLick CLick

A beauty product you can't live without? 

Colossal Kajal from Maybelline

Your favourite drugstore makeup brand? 

Maybelline all the way.

Your favorite high-end make up brand?
I’m going to say none.  Selina Kyle put it, I’m not a make up person.

What is your staple wardrobe item? 

Jeans and leggings!

The blogs I am tagging!


  1. Thanks for the tag Manisha :D I probably with have this post up on Tuesday?

    Yes, that's a great reason to blog. It's always great write when your a writer, and having a blog already builds up your own audience as well ^^

    Leggings <3 So comfy!

  2. Well, beauty blog or no beauty blog, girls are girls!
    I really love Maybelline myself :) Loved reading the post. Have a blast, Manisha!


    1. Indeed! Couldn't agree more!
      Have a blast too, Selina!


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