Tuesday, 27 May 2014

X-Men – Days of Future Past movie review

Contains Spoilers if you haven’t watched the latest movie!

I was so excited when the latest movie came out here. Another chance to see Wolverine on the big screen.  The movie wasn’t disappointing at all!

The movie starts with a very dystopian where these powerful robotic Sentinels are programmed to locate mutants and destroy them. It is a gruesome start with a lot of dead mutants. Our mutants are housed in some far away temple where they try to stay safe. There is Wolverine, Prof. X, Magneto, Shadowcat,  Storm and others. Raven is missing. We come to know about the origin of these Sentiles and the reason to why they are that powerful and almost impossible to destroy(to adapt to the threat). Raven/ Mystique cuts off from Magneto and Prof. X and goes rogue. She wants to revenge the death of fellow mutants by killing the scientist Bolivar Trask (who is the master mind behind the Sentinels). But Bolivar captures Raven and studies her DNA to create the Sentinels giving them the ability to adapt to threats.  Prof.X decides that the only hope for their future is if they stop Raven from going after the scientist and prevent her from being captured.

Shadowcat, who has the ability to transport people through time, comes into the picture. The choice for the time travel is Wolverine for his is the only mind that can swap back and heal all the damages time travel produces.
Wolverine aka Logan is as always lovable for his spectacular acting. Logan travels to 1973 and tries to locate Charles Xavier  (Prof.X) and Eric (Magneto). Charles is not the Charles we knew in the past movies. He is rude, ill, has no power, can walk, and is alcoholic.  Logan persuades Charles to team up with him and help rescue Eric. Eric is housed in a cell deep within the Pentagon for the assassination of  John.F. Kennedy.
We are introduced to QuickSilver who is a mutant with superhuman speed. Together they rescue Eric.
Eric, Charles, Beast try to track down Raven. And when they do Eric tries to kill her to prevent things from happening in the future. Charles  goes back to his self, the amazing telepathic. He is convinced that the only way to save their future is come with terms with humans and give them a second chance. Raven is adamant and Eric just wants to destroy every human who he doesn’t like.
The scientist Trask is invited by the president to unveil the prototype of the Sentinel. What he doesn’t know is that these prototypes are manipulated by Eric. On the big day things go really bad for humans. Raven is fixed on killing Trask and Eric everyone. He almost does but Raven in her final moment changes her mind (thanks to Charles and his mind games) Later, Charles lets Magneto and Raven leave. The Sentinel program is cancelled and the dystopian future is averted. Trask is later arrested for selling military secrets.
At the end Wolverine(who was dropped into a lake by Eric in the past but survives) wakes up in the future. He finds himself in Xavier’s school. People we believe to be dead in the movie are alive for the dystopian future was averted. Ironically, he teaches History XD He is the only one with the memory of all that happened in the dystopian future. When Prof.X realizes what Wolverine has gone through he asks him  what his last memory was. It was of him being fished out the lake and a military man (Stryker) saying he will take care of him. But Stryker is Mystique in disguise. That leaves many things open for future movies!

Good things.
Wolverine! He looks as he has always- Amazing. He is funny, strong, arrogant, rude, and slices everything he sees.

Quicksilver – This mutant really added humor to the movie. I loved all the parts where he was there. He made it really funny.
The Special Effects – I watched it in 3D. I think the movie would have done very well in 2D too. But the effects were good.

Raven by Jennifer Lawrence – Jennifer Lawrence plays Raven in this movie. I think she is best suited for the character.

We see James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender playing their roles as Charles and Eric. I love these two actors. So good looking! XD

Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask – Peter Dinklage earned my respect with his acting in Game Of Thrones. It was nice seeing him in X-Men.

Bad things
Jean is alive in the end – I personally don’t feel a happy ending is one where everyone is alive.
Lots of goof ups- The time line of everything is a bit fuzzy and tiny details are mixed up.
You can read more about that here

Favorite part- The scene with QuickSilver where he rescues Eric and the part where he plays the song by Jim Croce as he tries to save the others.

Rating : 8/10

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Have you watched the movie? What did you think about it? What was your favorite scene? Who is your favorite mutant? And what good and bad points did you pick out? If you haven't watched it, would you?


  1. I haven't seen this movie, and I am ashamed to say I haven't seen any X Men movies except one I think is called Wolverine origins? Either way, I really need to see them so I know what everyone is going on about and because I do really like comic movies that are from the books... ooh I must find time for this!

    1. Wolverine Origins is good :) You must try the X-Men movies. They are very addicting to watch. It has a great balance of story,humor, people with super powers, humans and Wolverine (lol).


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