Sunday, 1 June 2014

Childhood cartoons all the way!

In class few days back we were talking about all the cartoons that we loved to watch when we were kids. It brought back beautiful memories. The times we spent as little ones sitting in front of the TV watching our favorite cartoon characters doing what they do best.. That conversation affected me so much that I came back home and watched some of my favorite cartoons. They were the best, weren't they?  So, why were they the best and what life lessons did they teach us-

1.We were innocent, they were too.

2.They took us to lands we still wish we could visit.I do, for one!

3.They taught us songs. Oswald was the bard and Noddy comes after him.

4.Even the bad guys were funny and lovable. Cartoons gave respect to everyone, the bad ones, the damaged ones, the goblins.

5.Moral values were always weaved into the story line. Some of the best quotes come from them.

6.Animation all the way.

7.We still talk about them (as I'm doing now)

8.And feel good when we do. (as I'm feeling now)

9.There was no deaths or sadness in it. I wish there was more of happiness!

10.They gave us toys. Any collectors here?

11.They gave us lines and phrases we still like to use in real life.

      12. Its OK to be crazy and stupid sometimes.

      13. People forgive when you make a mistake.

      14. Spinach is good for health.

      15. They taught us to never give up.
This guy took this lesson very seriously
      16.They gave us friends

      17.They taught us to be friends.


        18. We still love them.

What was your favorite cartoon?


  1. This just makes me miss them more :) We belong to the generation that grew up watching shows that weren't just enjoyable, but insightful. It wasn't just a means of spending time in front on the telly. I pride myself in being able to recognize all the cartoons in the article. This means that I've spent my childhood right. And it feels like time travel every time I watch them :) Long live cartoons! God knows we'll all need them someday!

    1. So insightful! The thinking that went in creating these characters, its astounding. Love live cartoons!

  2. These cartoons are classic! I can watch them all day long and I'd still watch them all day long the next day too (sometimes I can be that jobless) And honestly, I did start eating spinach because of Popeye. And that is just one of the many things I learnt from cartoons. These cartoons can never be substituted, no matter how many times they put 'Chota Bheem' on the television, Kids have to see these ones!! I hope every kid gets to watch these cartoons at one point or another in their lives and that they too can experience the joy, happiness, laughter and understand the simple lessons of life that cartoons teach us. Cartoon Cartoon !! \m/

    1. Right?! There is something so refined about classics.

  3. Ah this brings back so many memories! I had almost forgotten about Noddy and them lot you know :') I used to watch Ed, Edd and Eddy a lot, and loved the Lilo and Stich movies! I never really liked Tom and Jerry though, or SpongeBob and the other kids thought I was weird because of that xD Anyways, I need to go back and watch these again!

    1. I never really liked Ed,Edd and Eddy XD Lilo and Stitch was good! Yes, you should! Brings back memories :)

  4. Oh I miss watching these!! I love feeling nostalgic and letting my mind roam back to the simpler times. Lovely post and blog. Just followed! :)

  5. They were simpler times indeed! Welcome to my blog :)

  6. Such an excellent post! How I miss watching these cartoons, brought back some nice memories :) x

    The Belle Narrative

    1. They were the innocent times! Welcome to my blog Aimee :)


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