Thursday, 2 October 2014

Gandhi Jayanthi

October 2nd is the day that movies like Gandhi and Lage Raho Munabhai is shown on television. It is done to honor the Father of the Nation. It is to celebrate the birth date of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi  also known as the Mahatma and lovingly referred to as Gandhi ji or Bapu.
It is only right I do the same. And what better way than to write something about it? 

So, why is Gandhi ji revered so much? Is it only because of his spectacular fight of non- violence, or his concept of satya mev jayate (truth alone triumphs)? For me it is because he was the one to raise his voice and do it loud.  He made sure what he did was different than what those before him. It is difficult to raise your voice against something that the rest have come to accept. It would be like having to stand up against your school, a place you have to study in for the next few years. He did it anyway and that is why he has my respect.
Gandhi ji with my favorite man, Tagore

Gandhi is known to be the man who never said a lie(except for once). I don’t believe that. White lies are always around. Yet, I do agree he is a great man. In his The Story of My Experiments with Truth, Gandhi talks about all that he had done. His experiments, his vices. Now, that is great. Being able to write down everything about yourself and allowing the world to read. That is why he is the most truthful man.

There are people who say they don’t like him. When I ask them to explain further only few are able to give a definite answer. So, this is for those few others who hate him because it is cooler than to say he is a great man- He is a great man. Because no matter what mistakes he did(hey, he is human, afterall) or what mistakes we have come to believe he did he stood by what he did. He preached what he practiced. People change – Gandhi from a young reckless man changed into someone with a purpose.  I tip my hat to him.

Gandhi in his youth
Also, there is this whole “Gandhism is lost” going around. For me Gandhism isn’t just Satyagraha or non-violence. These are things that don’t work every time in every place. For me Gandhism is practicing what you preach, it is standing by truth, having principles and living by them. Yes, Gandhism is yet to be lost.

Happy Gandhi Jayanthi, folks!

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  1. I didn't know October 2nd was a day when this is celebrated, so it's something new and good to know. I love reading quotes from Ghandi and hearing him speak because he has so much wisdom, and I fully support his peaceful and non-violent ways. We need more people like him in this world.

  2. I believe that Gandhiji haters protruded during the India-Pakistan separation. Gandhi never wanted for the separation to happen and many didn't like that idea of his. It's Jinnah who insisted on the separation.

    Gandhiji makes me an proud Indian. :)

    1. Actually, many wish he had agreed to the separation.
      Thank you for the comment <3

  3. Wow, I didn't know about Oct 2nd. either. Thanks for sharing.


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