Tuesday, 31 March 2015

April + NaPoWriMo + Spring

Tomorrow is April!Whose excited?!

I know I had taken a short hiatus from blogging but I'm back for April. (How much I love this month!) It is also the National Poetry Writing Season. This will be my fourth time, lets see how it goes.


  1. I hope the NaPo goes well! I opted not to do it this time round because March has been a stressful and beyond crazy busy month! I need to slip back into my routine of things, and decided that resting and relaxing this month as well as focusing on school is vital now :)

  2. I`ve also taken a hiatous from blogging for a while, I just didn`t really feel it and I couldn`t find the time, but hoping I can gat back to it in time :)
    Thanks for still following my posts and really taking the time to actually read and watch the stuff in posts, not a lot of bloggers do that, that really shows how smart and kind person you are :)



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