Thursday, 17 April 2014

#17NaPoWriMo: Cotard delusion of words

Fake expressions painted
veil over eyes
mouth bound
hands tied
words waft uselessly in the wind.

Meaning forgone
truth compromised
reality stomped on
words waft uselessly in the wind.

release imprisoned
love acted
life modified
words waft uselessly in the wind.

Careful, the current might
carry them away.


  1. I think this is my favourite poem yet! I love the repetition you have here with the added alliteration. And then the first stanza was my favourite <3 That rhythm! The ending summed the whole thing perfectly, and the photo matched so well. Me likely~

    1. Wait, there is a rhythm! That's crazy because I never did so intentionally! It is one of my favorite picture and I had been trying to get the right poem to go with it.Seems I did some justice :D
      Thanks, Olivia.


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