Wednesday, 30 April 2014

#30NaPoWriMo:To Fly

April comes to an end today. It’s been a great NaPoWriMo month! This year marks my hat-trick in it. :D
I decided to go with the official website for NaPoWriMo’s prompt and write a farewell poem.

 image does not belong to me

Do you hear the call, the cry?
The voice in my head telling me
to fly?

The chains were broken
so much was released,
things were learnt,
things were done.

Now the call is here, the cry,
the voice in my head telling me
to fly.
I’ve conquered this land
for this time;
good things always end;
for now,
good bye.

Congratulations to all who completed NaPoWriMo successfuly! The others, there is always another year.




  1. It's been a pleasure reading all of your poems ;) Congrats on completing it successfully! I guess it is a farewell to Napo as well :D

  2. Olivia! Thank you so very much! it means a great deal!
    Congrats to you too :D


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