Tuesday, 1 April 2014

#1NaPoWriMo: Dance of Freedom

It is April! My favorite month of the year!
With April comes NaPoWriMo!
Who is excited?

Poem one for this April!

Let me do the dance
The dance of freedom.
The one that onlookers watch
And laugh as I struggle
A dance with no step
No rhythm
Just a mishmash of movements
The soul and body leaping and twirling
No song
No music
Just the dance of freedom.

This stage you watch me on
Watch me close
See as I move.
Don’t laugh
The jokes on you.
I’m the one trying,
Not you.

The limelight is on me
I stand out in this dark
This is what I want
The world to see me as I try.
Dancing, dancing, dancing.

The dance of freedom makes me smile
I feel it – its joy-
On this stage
In my mind.
See me in my dance of freedom
The final step will hold me and take me around
And then I’ll fly
The dance of freedom taking me
To my kingdom.

Are you dancing the dance of freedom?

-Manisha :)

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