Saturday, 20 April 2013

#20. Farewell darling

Farewell darling my ship is here
soon I’ll be aboard and towards home.
I wish to take you along with me
but you say this is your home, this is your land.
Will  you miss me as I will you?
You love me after all, don’t you?
Here, I have a gift for you,
take it along with my kiss.
No don’t cry, not now my lady
remember this was your choice
to not come along with me.
Now now my dear, yes I’ll leave my
heart here, for you to hold, for you to love.

I’m a sailor, my lady, I cannot stay.
Why this sudden change of heart?
It was you who fit me into my sailor suit today
you understand I have to continue my journey.
Yes I love you too, you will be the only woman
I’ll love. You will be on my mind always
on this journey and even after that.
Farewell darling, my ship is here.


  1. Lovely one Manisha...
    you reminded me of the old song:-
    "But I'm sad to say,
    I'm on my way,
    won't be back for many a day.
    My heart is down,
    my head is turning around,
    I had to leave a little girl in Kingston Town"
    Cheers :-)

  2. Oh yes I remember the song!


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