Thursday, 11 April 2013

#11. To my eternal giude

As I turn 18 today I dedicate this to Rabindranath Tagore
for being my eternal guide filling me with his breathtaking verses.

You became my eternal guide
When I first learnt to word my thoughts.
Under your grace I learnt,
How and how not to write.
         Oh, my invisible teacher,
          You became my master
         Telling me always to
          Write and write.

I gained more and more
As I read your words
Through ages- upheld
Celebrated and stored

 You, my sir,
Fought through your books,
Against evil and society;
Teaching me all the way to voice my anger and love too...

 I f  words could nourish they were yours
Stirring in souls the beauty of life
Waking us to meet what you saw
Woven even now in this world around.

Oh dear maestro,
You taught me everything,
From the essence of Nature to
Looking into the hearts depths.

You continue to be there
to rectify me, to refine what I do.
I thank you sir,
For being my greatest teacher.

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