Friday, 12 April 2013

#12. To do what I love to do

They told me I were crazy
going out of on my way
to do what I loved to do.
Here so easy was it to be judged
and to judge,  letting eyes scrutiny you
asking you what you were planning to
With your life.

I put aside my books and let my
 imagination wield, letting to be taken
far from this place. So effortless was it
to fight this way, to have two dimensions-
one to dream  and the other to stay.
The cruel words continued , the skeptics
spoke but here I was in my make do world,
 oblivious to the doubts said.

Or maybe I should have stayed
rather than take the escape. I could
have shown to all those who hassle
instead of just play the scenes of my battles
 in my mind again and again.
I could have done good then, justified
my love for what I loved to do.



  1. Better to be happy doing what you love, than unhappy knowing you could be doing it.. Good poem! :)

  2. Thank you for dropping over here!


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