Thursday, 25 April 2013

#25. Knight in shining armor.

‘Nobody’, you said
‘nobody will hurt you
when I am here’
I watched you stand your ground
at the entrance of
our castle of pillows, armed
with a stolen stick
from the garden floor.
My knight in shining armor
ready  to fight monsters
 or just mothers who wanted to
end our fantasy game.
Soon we dozed together
under the canopy of blankets
lost in our childhood
and the innocence of it all.

Today I see you stand
at my wedding, my best man
with the same grin I knew
the one you always had.

We had then run on empty streets
chasing  unseen giants,
Then we had run together
After time itself.
Now I see you
handsome, tall and smart
always my knight in shining armor
my best friend otherwise.


  1. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful poem I've read in a while :) Truly beautiful :')

  2. EE! Thank you :D I wrote this one on a request.


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