Saturday, 13 April 2013

#13. Forbidden Apple

You were the forbidden apple in my life
and I did what Eve had done at her age.
When one world saw us happy and glad
the other one questioned our sincerity
but I knew no matter what we would be okay.

The first bite hurt, it changed the space around,
 it was crushing yet irresistible
so I let the world have its way. With it came
flooding  knowledge all in stark form,
and I took them in as much as I could for I wanted
to show the people I was going to do this my way.
No one understood, no one tried
now I know who are friends
and the ones  who are not.

You gave me everything  you had,
teaching me, showing me, making
me see myself.  It was too much at
the start, maybe like how Eve might
have felt, but the world changes and
All things forbidden someday.
You just  have to take the first bite.
It may be wrong, it may be right
but atleast your universe is stirring
no longer at a mundane stay.


  1. I'm taking my time to read your blog. I really like this one!

  2. heyya! Thank you so much! For your time and your take on the poem!


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