Friday, 26 April 2013

#26. Life Art

The brush sweeps the canvas
Leaving behind a trail of yellow
The color of first breath of life.
Green takes over, sketching
delicate lines, conveying
that every new life
starts with innocence
 fresh as the hue.
Even the oil in the paint
perfumes the art
everything to a newly start.

There are no rainbows
no glitter
thus forming a base
 for something bigger.
There are splashes of black
just so to not make
it too bright,
 everything is balanced
In this mosaic of colors.

He isn’t an artist
but he paints what is right,
right for you,
right for the world,
right for him.

Every few minute life changes,
the brush and painter are back
with new shades, tone and details.
the painting of life is a master piece
only when it’s always changed
 to resemble you and what you are.

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